Thursday, June 30, 2005

Just Musing, But... the Cubs need a whole lot of starting pitching to win in Wrigley Field? I mean, yes, it's great that Prior and Wood came back from the DL dealing, y'all, but I hope Jim Hendry is sweating his undershirt trying to find a bat or two.
And trying to convince Dusty Baker to drop Corey Patterson back to sixth or seventh in the lineup. Say it with me: Corey is NOT a leadoff hitter. Say it at least once every day until October. Pat Kingsley the greatest talent handler in the history of recorded time? Not for nothing did we all just SUSPECT Tom Cruise was a little, um, off, what with the Scientology and the Napoleon complex and the not-gay. But now that his sister is doing his publicity, and Pat Kingsley has no hand in Cruise's affairs, this stuff is all coming out like excess jelly from a kindergartner's PB&J. Call it a ploy to hype the movie, but I think it's a little bit from column A (cynically exploitative movie star) and a little from column B (cray-zee brainwashed bully). that I look again, is there a single movie worth seeing this summer? Christ almighty.

Bye for now.


At 4:47 PM, Blogger Stuart Shea said...

Corey Patterson...the harder he tries, the worse he plays. It's really sad. Looking forward to seeing more of Ronny Cedeno.


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