Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Letter To the Vice President

Dear Dick,

You don't mind if I call you "Dick," do you? Not because your name is Richard, but because you're a fucking cock.

Asshole. What the fuck do you think you're doing? 9/11 wouldn't have happened if we'd been able to spy on two of those fuckheads? Really? You don't think they might have, oh, spoken in code on their fucking cell phones or something?

Khalil: Hello?
N: Khalil?
K: Nawaf, are you there? Let's blow up the Pentagon and the World Trade Centers, OK? And if we can get a plane to crash into something else, that would be great, too.
N: Khalil, is that you? Hello?

That's what you would have gotten, asshole. Never mind who dropped the fucking ball before it happened. If a war on terror that creates more terrorists isn't enough for you to wipe your ass with the Constitution, why the fuck would you think we'd have been OK before this happened? Or did you, um, maybe KNOW it was going to happen? And still you can't get ANWR opened up. Boo-fucking-hoo. Asshole.

Look, I know you don't read, like the President, so maybe Tucker Carlson or some other little wonky Republican shit can convert this into digital data and jam it up your ass as he rims you, but then again, it's possible you don't even have an asshole since you may not even be human.

Go. Go the fuck back to Wyoming. Just go away. Or go and do something else.


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