Thursday, November 03, 2005

Hooray!!! Hooray.

Hooray! Lewis Libby has been indicted! Hooray! Hopefully Karl Rove, that pasty-ass motherfucker, will either a)be indicted as well, b)resign under pressure, or c)get fired by President Spineless. Naah. I doubt it. (First he said he'd fire anyone involved with a leak, then he said anyone charged with a crime in the leak. Next it'll be anyone who took a leak on the floor of the Oval Office.) The good news is it seems like the Democrats might have gotten their own spines back, what with the indictments and the closed-door session the other night (Bill Frist can suck it, by the way. Hijack this, you moron. Read a rulebook if you're going to play a game, why don't you.) and the filibuster threats. I doubt they'll do it, but it sounds good, and lately (prior to Hurricane season, I mean) the Dems hadn't even been able to talk a good game. That's something.

Now the real work begins, Congressional Democrats. Get every piece of paper you can on Alito (how many times do you think we'll hear the words "strict constructionist" from the Republicans in Congress between now and the Senate vote?), stay the course with Fitzgerald, and start throwing some fucking firebombs on TV and radio. Just do it. I guarantee you'll feel better, ladies and gentlemen.


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