Monday, September 11, 2006

Thank You, Mister President

Thank you, Mister President...

For making the United States of America more loathed overseas than ever before.

For failing to fulfill anything remotely like any promise you ever made regarding any war on terror.

For letting those who would advise you, most specifically Karl Rove, that pasty-ass motherfucker, obliterate everything that was empirically good about the Republican Party (fiscal responsibility, individual responsibility, the role of the national defense in government), and elevating the worst that your enemies might say about Republicans (values-related hypocrisy, fraud, corporate hegemony, intolerance, greed)to a fucking art form.

For making your father, whose presidency I loathed, look like a master statesman and brilliant leader by comparison. Though the Berlin Wall fell under his watch, his one significant piece of legislation was the Americans with Disabilities Act. You, on the ohter hand, gave us the No Child Left Behind Act, which sounds (and acts, to be honest) like something out of a Saturday Night Live sketch, and faith-based initiatives, which attempt to erode the Constitutional separation of church and blah blah fucking blah. Mister President, your dad woodshedded your ass, and he only had four years.

For contributing to the economy by spawning a cottage industry of screeching heads whose sole purpose is to obfuscate, outshout, distort, and inflame.

For using the Executive Branch of the federal government as a stick with which to beat your opponents, as a cloak under which to hide with presumed, unearned, and non-existent sovereignty, and and as a perch from which to look down on high, mouthing empty platitudes and reveling in your own inaction.

For forcing me to rationalize my profound disrespect for you and the profound respect I have for your office by feebly, honestly, and ultimately thinking "Well, at least he loves baseball," because, for serious, that's all we have to share with each other.

For bravely and proudly taking the lead in the political polarizing of the country, so much so that only the very stupidest among us, whose support you crave, could fail to see the blatant abuse at play in your administration.

For making us less safe than we were five years ago, and lying about it.

For paying "responsible" "journalists" to win the news cycle with Republican propaganda, and lying about it.

For attempting to erode my civil liberties, and lying about it.

For giving the people of this country several half-baked excuses for entering into war, and lying about them.

For urging the American people not to not put two and two together, but rather to put two and two together and come up with twenty-two.

For telling us why twenty-two is an evil number and must be erased for the sake of our children.

For failing to realize that I don't have any fucking children. Or that I already know what's best for my cat.

And most of all, sir, thank you for giving me and others like me a clear, concise, and altogether salient image of what has to change in the very near future, and for allowing all of us to realize that if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it can't lame itself too soon.

Thank you, Mister President.


At 2:14 PM, Blogger Alanda said...

You said it, Brother!


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