Monday, July 16, 2007

Get Up With the Get Down

Just adding my piddling two cents' worth of opinion to my comrades of Left Blogistan.

If the GOP minority wants to stall every piece of legislation the Democrats want to bring up this session, then let them get up, stand up, stand up for the Right and filibuster. No more cloture-vote bullshit. Make Trent Lott talk for seven hours about Oscar trivia. Force Mitch McConnell to break out the recipe books. Fuck 'em if they want to paint Democrats as a do-nothing majority. Let the peeples see how utterly unprincipled the GOP has become. Maybe when Pete Domenici has to talk for eight hours about baseball scores, the peeples will see what's going on and think "Oh. I get it. They're assholes." (Of course, FOX "News" will paint them as heroes, but we already know that FOX is a bunch of assholes.)

Harry Reid: Do your job. Make the Republicans get up with the get down.


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