Thursday, July 21, 2005

First, You Cry. Then You Suck.

So I'm watching the Cubs blow a 5-1 lead to the Cincinnati Fucking Reds, aka The Worst Team East of the Rockies, and marveling at how many ways this team can lose a ballgame. And give this shitty Reds team a split.

They can fall behind early and not give a shit (if formula is Kerry Wood=Curt Schilling{-blood/World Series rings}), as they did last night and in the doubleheader at Atlanta,

They can match another team run-for-run and end up losing 12-10,

They can end up in a 2-1 nobody-hits, nobody-cares game,

They can rally twice and fall short in extras, as they did against Washington before the All-Star Break,

Or they can score a passel of runs early and think they'll coast to victory while the bullpen decides getaway day was yesterday.

Like they did today. Against a team so bad you'd have to walk them a ton to let them back in a game, then BALK in the tying run, forget how to throw from the outfield, and then give up a single to a guy who just got back from the MINORS to lose the...oh.

Wild-card fever: Catch it. Not.


At 6:16 PM, Blogger Stuart Shea said...

Today's loss might have been the worst of the season. A game they HAD to have from a team they HAD to beat, and Baker ran through the whole bullpen to do it, and nobody did the job. This one wasn't Baker's fault. It was the bozos on the field.


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