Sunday, August 14, 2005

Insert Plug...Now

Hi there. Hope you had a nice weekend. Me? Well, the Sox lost two to the Red Sox and had the third game in the bag, then the rains came. Dammit. And the Cubs took three of four from the Cardinals, kind of like when the Cubs beat the Cardinals for the Division title in 2003. (Kind of, except, this year, not.)
Plus I saw The Aristocrats, a very funny documentary about a very filthy joke. The doc is about how different humorists tell the joke; the telling of the joke is more interesting than the joke itself, like a Feydeau farce, where the race is more important than the finish line.

Right. Plug time. Back in September, I had me published a book, Broadway's Most Wanted. It's exactly what it sounds like, a book about Broadway musicals. Lists of them. (The Publisher, Potomac Books, puts out several books in the "Most Wanted" series; they're books of lists relative to the topic, e.g. NASCAR's Most Wanted, Chicago's Most Wanted, Baseball's Most Wanted.)

And, Broadway's Most Wanted. Dig it. I like it, and it's available now, at fine stores and on this here electriconic super-high-way... Just click over there, to the right of this page, where it says "Booky McBook." (That was the pen name I used while I was writing it. No, it wasn't.) That'll take you to a lovely e-lectric site where you can buy it for cheap. And then write a review praising it to the skies, y'all!

Ahem. Hope you like it. If you don't, buy it anyway. If you like it, buy two.


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