Friday, October 27, 2006

Tonight's Car Fires Brought to You by Annheuser-Busch

Aw, man, fuck the Cardinals. I was born in St. Louis, and just fuck the Cardinals. I was seriously looking forward to a World Series with two offenses and two defenses, but it looks like I got stuck with this twelve-errors-in-five-games monstrosity instead. When Kenny Rogers' left hand is the best thing about the week, it says something.

It's great that the Tigers have done their gear-stripping 180-degree turn in so short a time(Leyland is The Guy), and maybe they'll bring the team that did so well during the season with them next time.

Which begs the debate. (What?) One Wild card and one team that played about as well as the Cubs down the stretch. Just shows you how inexact a science three series of five, seven and seven are after 162 games determine a playoff schedule.



At 10:47 AM, Blogger Thom said...

This year's playoffs, like many others in recent years, makes a case for at least making the first round a best-of-seven series. Any team at any time can lose two in a row, and that all but spells doom in the first round after a team spends six months earning a playoff berth. MLB finally figured it out when it changed the LCS to best of seven in the mid-1980s, but now MLB is too concerned about TV having the playoff rounds lined up on certain days to do the right thing. MLB should consider going back to a 154-game schedule to make this right, and that also would diminish the chances of November baseball ever happening again. The games in Detroit and St. Louis were cold enough in October.


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