Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You pick

Let's play America's favorite new game show (timpani roll, chaser lights, models' arms UP!!)

Is Alberto Gonzalez (I'd type in "Attorney General Alberto Gonzales" but I'm pretty sure I'd have to change it by Easter) an Idiot, a Liar, or a Dickhead?

Was he really too stupid to know (or keep an eye on) what was going on within the purview of his office? If so, he's an Idiot.

Did he know, and is he not telling us the truth about knowing because it would jeopardize his non-political position? If you answered "yes," then he's quite obviously a Liar.

If he's dissembling to try and shield his boss and his boss's ass-wipe from harm, while giving short shrift to the careers of people who were literally just doing their jobs, then he's a big fat screaming Dickhead.

It's lunchtime, so I'll have the combo special: The Liar with the Dickhead on the side. Preferably tossed. In jail, you pasty-ass motherfucker. In any case, I have a teensy little do-nothing job for twelve dollars an hour and have huge piles of debt. Why should this bitch Gonzo have any job at all?

Speaking of pasty asses, The US, as a rule, doesn't negotiate with terrorists. And look how far that's gotten us. But fret not, because it looks like the world just might be getting a little better because the British decided to.


At 8:29 AM, Blogger sink sink socks said...

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. ...

At 7:51 PM, Blogger Stuart Shea said...

I agree, all the way, with your rating of Gonzo. Fuck 'im.

"Asshole, Jackoff, Scumbag" anyone?


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