Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Can You Believe It?

It's my birthday. Go me.

The fallout from Hurricane Katrina is going to be a big fat entertaining political football for quite a while, it seems. Over the weekend, it looked like the ass-licking White House press corps and electronic media finally decided to think and act like real human beings, expressing something close to real outrage at the dead bodies floating by them as the politicians high-fived themselves.
Then the right-wing media got back from vacation and realized their corner on the market of blame and moral outrage had been usurped, and went even more hypocritically ballistic than usual. Swear to Christ, they're just lying now. Pure untruths. Fuckers.

So, the game is on. Will this damage Bush's poll numbers? Will he fire anyone to appease the dead? Will Rush Limbaugh blame Ophelia on black people, too? Is Bill O'Reilly fucking insane? And will any Democrat of importance, anywhere, ever, ever stand up and say something like "Mr. President, you screwed up. Your adminisrtation screwed up. You fucked the people of New Orleans, who died and will keep dying because their levee walls were breached when you denied them the funds to fix them. Homeland Security is a joke, and FEMA is the motherfucking punchline. You asshole."

Or maybe, "Brit Hume, you and your editors are a God-damned disgrace. How many more times will you emerge from makeup, look into a camera, and lie to people? Are you and your conservative cohorts at Fox and elsewhere so uncertain of your moral certitude that you must flat-out lie even when you know it's a lie? The fuck is wrong with you?"

Or: "Wake the fuck up, everybody. You need to think twice. Wait. Just think once. Why do you insist that the New York Times and Fox News lead you by the nose? Can't you get upset by anything that isn't dropped in your God-damned lap like it's Paris Hilton's vagina? Jesus Christ. You're soaking in it."

Oh, how I long for that day.


At 10:05 PM, Blogger Stuart Shea said...

Nice one! happy late birthday. When do I take you to lunch?


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