Thursday, September 15, 2005

See What It Gets You

I knew this was going to happen.
The President claims responsibility, so Louisiana Governer Kathleen Babineaux Blanco gets up and sheepishly does the same thing. So. Now she's admitted culpability. That's your big mistake, Madam Governor...

Because, back from the grave and ready to rock, here comes this asshole again. Brownie's back! Former horse judge/FEMA director Mike Brown is now, of course, blaming...not the President. Nope, not the Republican administrations of Alabama or Missisippi. No, he's blaming...
...Say it with me...
Louisiana Governor Kathleen. Babineaux. Blanco.

There's a big surprise. Wait one day, let the only prominent Democrat in the whole jackpot efface herself, then cut her off at the knees. Then watch the assholes in the conservative media rip her a new one. "She blamed herself," they'll crow. "She knows she's at fault here. She already took the blame! Whee!!!"

God damn it, is the Democratic party never going to learn? Once and for all, do not concede the high ground to these bastards. At least not until the midterms. This is what Karl Rove, that pasty-ass motherfucker, and his loyal robo-troopers get paid to do:organize brutal media strategies like this, aimed solely at making the President look good and Democrats look evil. Holy shit, I can't believe that Mike Brown went after Blanco right after she allowed herself a portion of the blame! Who'd have thunk it? To the New York Times, no less! Think any Democrats will read that? Brownie, you're doing a heckuva smear job.

And, again, the Democrats fell into the trap. Jesus Christ. Donkeys and Donkettes, pay attention. Just don't give it up anymore. No mercy. It's really simple. Or it ought to be.


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