Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just musing, but...

...does anyone else think that the Blackhawks haven't made a wrong move since Rocky Wirtz took over? It's amazing (and more than a little ghoulish to say, I'll admit) that it took the death of his father, who apparently had either no enthusiasm or no idea how to run this arm of his empire, to turn the tide. But the proof of the pudding would appear to be in the eating. Getting John McDonough from the Cubs, welcoming the greats of my childhood back (and they were gone why in the first place, Bill?) into the Hawks family, putting every motherfucking game on TV, splashing for real free agents, the Winter Classic at Wrigley, and now he hires FORMER RED WINGS COACH (and the winningest ever, by the way) Scotty Bowman to a senior ops position. Yeahhh. The McCain campaign might look into the Hawks' front office for an idea on how to do things. But, since it's the McCain campaign, they'd almost certainly manage to find documents and strategies from the Blackhawks, circa 2004. The Blackhawks of today certainly wouldn't vote for the Blackhawks of 2004.

...speaking of McCain, I have to agree with Wonkette from earlier this week: Wouldn't their campaign in general, and their media strategy in particular, have more credence if every fucking thing they did wasn't totally in response to something the Obama campaign did first and better?

...I think that I will never get an acting job again. Of course I'm over-dramatizing the situation, but this is the first time I've been without a show since last August. Marrone. I guess going from Mid-Life from Aug-Nov, to A City Lit Xmas, Nov-Dec, 1776 from Jan-Mar, the Mid-Life show again for three weeks in March, into Fiorello! from March to July 20 is pretty busy. Everyone seems to be saying 'Well, I bet you're enjoying some free time!' Truth is, I literally don't know what to do with myself most of the time. Which proves to me, if to nobody else, that this is all I want to do. That I'm a creature of theatre. Blah blah, but it's my blog blog. Seriously, though. If I don't get another gig soon, and by soon I mean in a short period of time, I may implode all over the cat. And nobody wants that. Least of all him.

...won't it be great on Broadway for the next ten years, when 24 of every 25 new musicals is an adaptation of a movie? And how creatively bankrupt and scared is the New York producing community (and their tour-booking national arms as well) that the majority of those movies have some name-brand recognition but in a sane economy wouldn't make good musicals to begin with?


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