Thursday, May 10, 2007

Stay Thursday, My Friends.

Can't help it. I enjoy that one. He's a cross between Hemingway and Castro. (via YouTube, of course.)

I also love the understatedness of the Comcast Spider-Man ad. It should be creepy but it's not. It makes me laugh every time I watch it. (ibid with the YouTube and all.)

Anyway, Thursday. Tonight. Bulls. Pistons. Game. Three. Zero hour approaches. How many times will we hear "must-win" tonight, even though it technically isn't, of course? There's a drinking game for you. I guess in basketball reality it pretty much is a must-win, especially if they get blown out like in the first two games. In that case, they can get a book of stamps, a padded Manila envelope, and just mail that shit in. But man, the Bulls sucked balls in those first two games, innit? Not to give them offense, but they couldn't give us offense, only a little defense, and it was all turnovers, all the time. (Nice if you work in a bakery, I guess. Not for sports, though.)

Enough. Flush the negative energy and just hold serve. Then, if that happens, Scott Skiles can figure out how they evened out and go from there.

Stay Thursday, my friends.

UPDATE: Aaaaah, fuck it.


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