Wednesday, August 15, 2007


DailyKos, those Nazi-terrorist faggots, had the story first, but I picked it up first on Crooks and Liars. It seems that someone with a web address traceable back to...wait for it...

FOX News !!!!!!!!!!

had been scrubbing and altering entries on polarizing political and commentary figures, like Shepard Smith and Keith Olbermann. DailyKos captured a bunch of them; they're subtle things mostly, like altering an entry about Olbermann's commentary on smoking-related cancers following the death of Peter Jennings to make it seem like he was being both self-serving and professionally reckless. Subtle, debate-shifting shit like that. You know, what FOX does oh, pretty much all the time.

So, thinking I'd see who else had been hit or scrubbed, I checked out the entry for a minor player in the FOX News firmament, Steve Doocy. Host of "FOX and Friends." Goofy-ass, failed talk-show host, "Letterman-Lite" as SPY magazine once called him.

God, I hope it's still there. Three fourths of the way down the page, after "Knights of Columbus of Bergen County, New Jersey."

Talk about subtle. And I'm still laughing. And when you think how much raw data there is on Wiki, and how easily manipulatable it is (Just ask Stephen Colbert or Hooters Icon Lynne Austin), one thinks that this could be the new Intrewebs sport of the millennium. God knows how many Wiki pages have been tagged like that.

Fun Ahoy!!!

ETA: FUCK it's gone. Scrubbed. The paragraph I refered to on Doocy ended with "...and is, perhaps, the dumbest human being living."


At 6:17 PM, Blogger Stuart Shea said...

What was it? I think whatever was funny is gone.


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