Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jestadt to Erstad

Oh hells yeah.

Almost to the day since Milt Pappas lost a perfect game by that much, but still threw a no-hitter, getting Padre legend Jerry Jestadt to pop up after the walk that killed the perfecto, and almost to the day after Frank Castillo took a no-no two outs into the ninth at Wrigley field only to lose it to a triple by Bernard Gilkey, Carlos Zambrano put a stamp on the Cubs' season by striking out Darrin Erstad and throwing a no-hitter. Against the Astros. In Milwaukee.

The Cubs' lead in the division is 7.5 as of tonight, and I think it's safe to say it's over there. Because the Cubs played like ass the past two weeks, but the Brewers weren't much better, and made up no ground. And so they found themselves rooting for the Cubs to beat the Astros, who are creeping up on the Brewers in the Wild Card.

The game was in Milwaukee, because of complications with Hurricane Ike. It still must have sucked for Brewers fans to see their team lose in Philly and then have to watch Carlos do what he did tonight, in their house.

Hell yes, monkeyfingers. Game on...


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