Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Turtle Heads

Goddammit, they've been doing this way too fucking much lately. The Cubs offense scores a nice packet of runs in the first inning or three, then completely shuts down, then the pitchers get either lazy (Rich Harden) or stupid (Bobby Fucking Howry, again) or both, resulting in waaaay too many fucking blown leads lately. Call it turtling, or what you will. I call it "An annoying baseball trend."

Back in 1977, the Cubs "withered in the heat," so they said, playing all those day games, and ended up blowing a comfy lead they'd built up before the All-Star break. They don't have that excuse this time. (Nor, to be fair, is the division as good.) And yes, they're still the best team in the division by a long shot and especially at home, but when you start giving chippy bullshit away and not following through at home, I tend to get pissy about it, and memories of 20-40 1977 start popping into my head. I'm glad the offense is picking it up today, but this stuff catches up eventually. If they lose this one, bookmark it. Seriously.


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