Friday, August 24, 2007

It Is To Laugh, It Is To Love

We can glean nothing from people who get their news from FOX News except this: They truly enjoy being lied to. Which makes sense, I guess, because if the ostrich-headed onion brains who watch FOX News really knew what was going on out there they would never, ever, ever leave their homes.

And so I watched for about a minute and a half this evening, top of the hour, The O'Really Factor. No BillO, because a Labor Day vacation break is too tempting for a culture warrior, I guess (I'm looking at you too, KO. Come on.) Instead, non-white import-model-wannabe Michelle Malkin was on, trying very hard to convince us all that immigration reform is about crime and not about race. Which she tried to do, using small words (for her benefit or the audience's? You decide. She reports.), by replaying a BillO clip talking about two assholes who allegedly raped and killed a woman and her two daughters. I must have seen it way out of context (on FOX? I know! Insanity!) because the two men in the mug shot looked reasonably White and Christian, and not at all like greasy criminal taco-slinging non-White real peole. So, of course, Malkin brings it back to us and lays the blame at the feet of the New York Times for an op-ed that suggested that the immigration reform issue is maybe, I'm guessing, a, um, I don't know, racist smokescreen? I assume that the point is that these fuckers were white illegals, and not brown, so it's OBVIOUSLY not about race. There you go! Immigration problem solved! America is healed! And we know the racial rift is healed because Bill O'Reilly's cheerleader fantasy (via Wonkette) felt empowered enough by her love for all peoples to end her screed with one healing salve of a word:


Ahhhhhh. Love, people. Nothing but ostrich-head, motherfucking love.

The point of my only sort-of referenced entry about tonight's episode of Stupid and His Girlfriend is not that the immigration isue is so fake and smokescreeny and divisively distracting, and therefore exactly what you'd expect from Roger Ailes. No, I'm all about the punchline, my chickens. Because after Malkin's hi-larious comedy routine, she introduced, I'm assuming for fair and balanced analysis on the subject, this guy. That's right, him. Who is running for President. Which you may not have known. And his campaign manager? This guy's sister.

If I may, again, quote the Master, Stephen Sondheim?

So much happiness, so much love...


At 1:12 PM, Blogger Stuart Shea said...

I can't see the word "comprende" without thinking of it being uttered by Gen. Sherman Potter.


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