Sunday, September 16, 2007

Just Musing, But...

...the fuck did Jason Varitek keep going out to tell Curt Schilling? And is it because Bush's numbers are so low that he obviously didn't listen?

...the fuck did FOX executives THINK Sally Field would do when they gave her an Emmy? Fuck you and your ten-second delay, motherfuckers. Can't stand a Hollywood liberal opining about a war? Go fuck yourselves with Schilling's bloody sock.

...or, perhaps, you could get this asshole to do some work for you. He looks like he could use a job, so perhaps you could "hire" him to do a hit piece on Sally Field. (Love how ABC spins this to try and save their candy asses, too.) Look, I get why Murdoch would use his London rags to spin for Cheney, but NBC (Timmy especially) is supposed to be Cheney's bitch, not ABC. Then again, what conservatives call the mainstream media has about as much Liberal bias as Rush Limbaugh does while fucking his Ann Coulter doll. And when I say "Ann Coulter doll," I mean, of course, a fucking cigar in a dress.


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