Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Oh great. Fucking Game 5 all over again.
You remember. Josh Beckett shut the Cubs completely down in Game 5 after the Cubs were all hard up for clinching. I felt, like a lot of fans probably did, that they might well have lost the series that left them That Close.

That's how I felt watching the game tonight. Swagger is great, but any team that drops it that badly against the Worst Team In The Blah Blah has a lousy sense of history. Not to mention a lack of talent. Sheesh.

Let's hope I'm being premature.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mississippi moon, won't you keep on shinin' on me

Hey, Paul Bremer! What are you, stupid? You decided to give those Blackwater bastards free run of the place? Why? Because they're connected? Duh. Stupid question. (And don't we just love the fact that Ken Starr is their lawyer. That makes all the sense in the fucking world as far as President Fuckhead And His Criminals of Crime are concerned. God be damned.)

But, even though my guess is he wouldn't wipe his nose in it, The master, Stephen Sondheim, has got your number. As usual.

From Pacific Overtures:

Coming next, is extraterritoriality.
Noting text, say "extraterritoriality."
You perplexed by extraterritoriality?
Just noting clause (don't touch the coat)
Which say your laws
Do not apply (don't touch the coat)
When we drop by
Not getting shot
No matter what
A minor scrape
A major rape
And we escape (don't touch the cape)
That's what is extraterritoriality.

Throw out all the "don't touch the coat" stuff (It's supposed to be a Russian Admiral with a fancy coat) and that's pretty much it. Isn't it?

Stupid hack. Everyone go see No End In Sight and find out what a dick Paul Bremer really is.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

When Artistic People Don't Get It. At All.

And when I say "artistic," I mean the guy runs a theatre company. But it is, alas, a Christian troupe, and they've taken time and money from their mission to condemn a Hollywood celebrity. And when I say "a Hollywood celebrity," I mean a self-admitted D-Lister who's never met a subject she couldn't mock.

But never mind what she said. I'm more interested in what he said in response. It's a setup if ever one existed. Huffington Post.com has the story. It's Russ Hollington, GM of The Miracle Theatre, reacting to what Griffin said about Jesus, whom I bet could take a jab or two in His time:

"When word reached our cast that a Hollywood celebrity had stood before TV cameras and said such vulgar things about Christ, they were incensed," he said.


People, sometimes you make this shit so eeeeeeeeeeasy.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Just Musing, But...

...the fuck did Jason Varitek keep going out to tell Curt Schilling? And is it because Bush's numbers are so low that he obviously didn't listen?

...the fuck did FOX executives THINK Sally Field would do when they gave her an Emmy? Fuck you and your ten-second delay, motherfuckers. Can't stand a Hollywood liberal opining about a war? Go fuck yourselves with Schilling's bloody sock.

...or, perhaps, you could get this asshole to do some work for you. He looks like he could use a job, so perhaps you could "hire" him to do a hit piece on Sally Field. (Love how ABC spins this to try and save their candy asses, too.) Look, I get why Murdoch would use his London rags to spin for Cheney, but NBC (Timmy especially) is supposed to be Cheney's bitch, not ABC. Then again, what conservatives call the mainstream media has about as much Liberal bias as Rush Limbaugh does while fucking his Ann Coulter doll. And when I say "Ann Coulter doll," I mean, of course, a fucking cigar in a dress.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Memo to MoviePlex:

Thanks for showing The Guys this morning. It's a good artistic examination of what happened on that fucking day.

But, guys? Next time, you may not want to tell us, as the credits are rolling for The Guys, that the movie showing tonight at 9 is Great Balls of Fire!

Just saying.