Thursday, June 30, 2005

Just Musing, But... the Cubs need a whole lot of starting pitching to win in Wrigley Field? I mean, yes, it's great that Prior and Wood came back from the DL dealing, y'all, but I hope Jim Hendry is sweating his undershirt trying to find a bat or two.
And trying to convince Dusty Baker to drop Corey Patterson back to sixth or seventh in the lineup. Say it with me: Corey is NOT a leadoff hitter. Say it at least once every day until October. Pat Kingsley the greatest talent handler in the history of recorded time? Not for nothing did we all just SUSPECT Tom Cruise was a little, um, off, what with the Scientology and the Napoleon complex and the not-gay. But now that his sister is doing his publicity, and Pat Kingsley has no hand in Cruise's affairs, this stuff is all coming out like excess jelly from a kindergartner's PB&J. Call it a ploy to hype the movie, but I think it's a little bit from column A (cynically exploitative movie star) and a little from column B (cray-zee brainwashed bully). that I look again, is there a single movie worth seeing this summer? Christ almighty.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Readings! Hooray for readings!

Thursday, June 23 (or, as some would have it, "tomorrow"), I will be participating in a reading for City Lit Theatre at the Whole Foods at 1000 W. North Ave. here in Chicago. It's part of the city's "Play With Your Food" festival, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the gastro-fest we call Taste of Chicago. They're planning food-related arts events all summer, and this is City Lit's. Me and three other extraordinarily talented actors reading three delightful stories--"Tender at the Bone" by Ruth Reichl, "Apple Pie 4th of July" by Linda S. Wong, and "An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving Dinner" by Louisa May Alcott--all for no damn cost whatsoever, at 7 pm Thursday.

Then, this Fri, Sat, Sun, City Lit winds down its own 25th Anniversary season with another reading-this time, four stories by Mark Twain. They're funny as hell. My partner in this undertaking is the lovely Jan Blixt. Fri-Sat at 8, Sun at 3, at City Lit Theatre, 1020 w. Bryn Mawr in Chicago. Tix are 10 bucks, I believe. Call (773)293-3682 for info or reservations.

Hope to see you here and there.

Monday, June 20, 2005

How you?

Hi there.

So look, I know it's just me and my thoughts for a while here, but hopefully it's not too far in the future that you're reading this. I'm Tom. This is my blog. On my blog, I'm 6 foot 3, weigh 200 lbs., have jet-black hair and a three-picture deal with Warner Bros.

Would that it were so in the really world. Those friends and colleagues that have surfed in out of pity know what I look like and how (un)successful and (ridiculously) talented I truly am. Maybe some day I'll let the rest of you know.

In the meantime, in between time, we'll talk. And listen.

The Cubs.
The Sox.
My cat.
Your cat.
Drum corps.
And anything else you might care to talk about. As Dr. Brooks said to Liza Elliot in Lady In the Dark (or, fine, as Frasier Crane said),

"I am listening."

So, how you?